Suggestions for Top Down Racer Car Physics

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  • Hi Constructors,

    I started making a top down racing game, and managed to surprise myself and got quite far, learning about arrays, particles effects AI opponents and all that good stuff.

    What I am stuck on is how create good collision physics.

    Right now, the player car is using the car movement plugin, the other cars are using MoveTo. if I have 8 cars on track, the cars colliding with each other is clunky and somewhat unplayable.

    I tried making a physics objects and either pinning or setting position to points but physics object seem to pass through each other.

    Can someone point me in the right direction of creating a semi decent car collision?

    Many thanks in advance!


  • Semi decent, you can use solids ( if you are not using them already ). just add solid behavior to cars then play with settings ( density, etc )

    to get the right bounce on collisions. It will not always look right, but it will be semi decent as you say and definitely playable.

    For really nice car collisions I am afraid you will need a lot more work and is not recommended.

  • Thank you, I had solids in the first place and it wasn't really playable especially with 7 AI cars all using MoveTo to get to the next checkpoint, if you go caught up in a mix you couldn't move and wasn't fun. Wasn't so bad with 4 cars.

    I didn't play around with the density setting, I'll have to investigate that some more. I will give it another go and see what I can come up with. Appreciate your response!

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  • lower density will make it harder for all cars to stick to each other, but I think I mixed up some things. I was thinking of friction setting in car behavior. Setting it low enough so cars bounce off each other, but not so low that they look like light bumper cars.

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