How do I stop the clock?

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  • I have one more question, this time about timers. I followed some great tutorials and got two different timer methods- one that just times how long it takes you to do something, and one that counts down from 90 minutes to "beat the clock." They both work great. But, I need the clocks to stop running once the person types in the correct answer. Right now, when the player types in the answer, it says time taken: x time, but the timer keeps running instead of showing exactly what time they put the answer in. I'm wanting to stop the clock once the answer is right so that I can save that data. I've pasted my events below. Any ideas? (I've still got the group "titles" saved from when I was using an example, so please ignore those as they aren't relevant)

    Thank you so much!

  • Probably the easiest way, based on your screen shot, would be to add another variable called StopTimer, and set its value to 0.

    then when the correct answer is given, set StopTimer to 1.

    then change the two "Every Tick" events to a System - Compare variable - StopTimer = 0

    that way the actions that update the timer variable will only run if StopTimer is 0.

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  • AllanR thank you! Everyone here is so smart. That seems so easy but I couldn't get there in my brain.

    Thanks again!

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