Sprites in preview are displayed on different Y position than in Editor?

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  • Hello!

    I can't figure out why this is happening.

    The debug mode displays the correct and same Y positions as in the Editor.

    But visually, it's displaying the sprites incorrectly.

    I did a few things.. I cloned the sprites and resized them. The image points are all in the middle.

    I use 'scale outer' although other settings show the same problem.

    Also, the wrong sprites are being displayed when I preview the game, as if it somehow switched it around or as if it's 'starting' in another time e.g. 5 seconds later. It also takes a few seconds before the preview starts when pressing the button?

    I'd say there's probably a 20 pixel difference in Y position for all of them.

    The clouds have bullet behavior set to -20.

    I'm not even touching the Y with this code:

    // Front clouds

    + Clouds1: X ≤ -694

    -> Clouds1: Set X to 2186

    + Clouds2: X ≤ -694

    -> Clouds2: Set X to 2186

    + Clouds3: X ≤ -694

    -> Clouds3: Set X to 2186

    // Middle clouds

    + Clouds4: X ≤ -588

    -> Clouds4: Set X to 1662

    + Clouds5: X ≤ -588

    -> Clouds5: Set X to 1662

    + Clouds6: X ≤ -588

    -> Clouds6: Set X to 1662

    // Back clouds

    + Clouds7: X ≤ -474

    -> Clouds7: Set X to 1607

    + Clouds8: X ≤ -474

    -> Clouds8: Set X to 1607

    + Clouds9: X ≤ -474

    -> Clouds9: Set X to 1607

    + Clouds10: X ≤ -474

    -> Clouds10: Set X to 1607

    I'm probably doing some simple thing wrong :)


  • Check the parallax settings of the layer that the clouds are on, if they differ then the clouds will scroll at a different rate or 'appear' to be in a different place.

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  • Hey, thanks for replying.

    The Clouds layers has the same parallax settings as the others, 100%x100%. No unusual settings.

    Turns out it I had 'Set angle' turned on. It flips the sprites. Sometimes one even forgets to uncheck the simplest of things! :)

    Also.. is there any way to see the 'direction' of the sprite in the Editor? I know C2 also had a sprite handle for that?

    Perhaps a bit off-topic, how do I refresh images in a sprite? That button also disappeared!

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