How can I get sprite font object to scroll down like text object

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  • HI everyone, so I've been working on this for awhile. it's close to being right except i've hit two snags to get it just right..

    1. my sprite font object is being used to log the chat dialog so because its not the "Text" object, when text fills the box it doesn't scroll up.. it just no longer displays the next line of code..

    this is an updated more direct to the chat room link than before (_18)

    2. The peerlist object can't be customized just like the text object can't be which is why I'm using the sprite font object. so i'm also needing to figure out how to roll my own peerlist object as well. i think that's really just a kind of array of some kind but not sure if it's special in the multiplayer aspect

    I've been over the multiplayer tutorial and it explains how to use the peerlist is used, but not how it works under the hood so i'm running kinda blind. my concern about the array and such is how a peer who joins an established server would know the name of the host and other users online.. i'm not sure a traditional array would be exposed for other users to access and get the master list.

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