Sound FX make Music too low to hear

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  • Hello, im looking for a possible solution. I have an mp3 track that is being drowned out by the sound effects. When i started creating the level the music volume was nice and loud, as I added sound effects they now make the music hard to hear. I've tried adjusting the volume of both the effects and the music but nothing seems to change. Any suggestions?


  • Adjust the volume of the sound effects. What did you try?

    Set volume

    Change the volume of a sound. The volume is given in decibels (dB). A volume of 0 dB is original volume, and below 0 dB attenuates the sound. Note amplification is not supported. For example, entering a value of -10 plays the audio back 10 dB quieter (about half as loud). Note it is best to set the initial volume in the Play action instead of setting it with this action immediately after playing, since that can sometimes cause a moment of playback at the wrong volume.

  • So You are right, but i was hoping there would be an easier more efficient way. I thought maybe the music audio file could be enhanced or something to better blend with the game music. Doing it the current way, i have to go and turn down the volume of Each sound so that the music can be heard.

  • You might be able to increase the volume of your music track through an audio editor like Audacity.

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  • The issue I had here, was stereo vs mono music - sounds. I now know that mono is ideal for mobile games.

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