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  • Hi

    I just started using the FbIG plugin. It's quite nice.

    How does the leaderboards work on fb instant games? The global leaderboards are self-explanetory.

    But what exactly are contextual boards? I try to read the Facebook docs but I just don't get it. Who will show up in a contextual board? Your friends? Only a few friends?

    Also, is there a way to only show a users fb friends in your leaderboard? I feel that would be the most important thing.

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  • the contextual leaderboards show the users in the context the game is played. like the thread or the group.

    you can use a global leaderboard and just fetch your friends in that one yes.

  • fredriksthlm thanks for helping me with this!

    So if I open my game in a messenger chat. Only the other people in that chat will be on the contextual board? And then if I later open the game again in another chat, the contextual board will be different, correct?

    How do I fetch only my friends in my global leaderboard?

    So I load my global (non-contextual) board. Should I select "all" or just "connected players" in the load action? How do I fetch only my friends? :D

  • yes, that is how contexts work.

    and your friends=connected players yes.

  • fredriksthlm

    Thank you! This plugin has such potential to create a strong social element to your game!

    I feel so dumb but for some reason I thought connected players meant players connected to the game right now (e.g. playing at the moment when leaderboard is requested lol...)

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