How do I solve my problem with "shooting"?

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  • I tried to start prototyping a game. As a first action my Sprite should "shoot". For that, I found a tutorial on youtube.

    For shooting, i catch a keyboard event (space). Then, my Sprite should spawn a new Sprite (its the bullet with the behaviour "Bullet".)

    The problem is the follow:

    If I start the "preview layout", the event is started automatically, BUT only once. It does not react on my keyboard.

    Is one of you knowing something about that behaviour?

    Thank you


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  • Hey I think I used the same tutorial. Try adding another action after the bullet is spawned, [set position] I also think that tutorial also talks about making a shoot_direction variable in the object, so I also add the even [set angle of bullet @ shoot_direction]

  • Thank you. It works now (with a small bug)

    For users with same problems:

    I forgot in the properties to allocate the event sheet...

    The only bug I still have is, that wile running the program, the firs "shot" is still generated on the start event. But I will find and fix it ;-)



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