Does solid collision filter work with physics?

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  • Hi

    I successfully used solid collision filter together with 8 direction movement, but as soon as I remove 8 direction and add physics behavior, to solid collision filter doesn't seem to work any more - it doesn't exclude as it did with 8 direction. Does physics behavior ignore the tags part of the solid behavior? Or just the filtering part? Anyone have any experience with this kind of things?

    The idea is to have 3 different cars (yellow, red and blue) with physics and solid behavior and the yellow car is suppose to ignore collisions with the red one. As said, no problems with 8 direction behavior but it doesn't seem doable with physics.

    Thank you

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  • Physics is not compatible with other behaviors like Solid.

    Physics has its own action for collision filtering - "Enable/Disable collisions".

  • yeah you either use Solids and other behaviors that interact with Solid OR you use Physics which is a different beast all together.

    But there's a physics behavior Action (Disable Physics with Object) that you can use to make Red sprite ignore the Yellow one. Put it in OnStart of Layout.

  • Thank you for your help :)

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