smoothing my vehicles movement path

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  • I have a project where I'm setting various waypoints simple top down shooter perspective. i left click a spot and want my vehicle to move to it..

    As it is it works fine but it's basically finding the X or Y that's closest first then the other till its at the location. What I'm not sure how to do is make it so it travels in a straight path from A to B. It kinda does it now but always manages to find the X or Y path before the other value is discovered.



  • I suppose this is where the path finding behavior is useful? I've never used it before as it's seemed kinda involved, but i think it's time for me to crack into it.

    what i have so far. this was done with fairly minimal effort and i like keeping things simple but i know true pathfinding can be tricky and eventually i'd need it anyway, but if there was a simpler "roll your own" easing from A to B I was curious what that would be.

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  • Yea I can see now that path finding is the key here. Worked pretty easy which was nice to see. I remember awhile ago not having much luck with it, but this was also Construct 2 era and they didn't have template files available then that I know of.

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