Is there a smoother way to make visual gfx?

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  • I'm an artist that has been using Scratch for a couple of years and really want to start using Construct instead to free myself of the limitations of Scratch. I want to make funny and weird animations and visual experiments using this game engine.

    I'm getting some interesting results, but it's eating away at my computers resources making the whole application slow down considerably.

    Is there a way to code this so that it doesn't burn my computer? Mostly I'm looking for a function that works similar to the pen->stamp tool in Scratch.

  • The only thing I´d see potentially cause issues is the first event. It spawns those green Sprite instances when you are moving at the rate of your current fps. So for a 60hz monitor this will spawn 60 instances for every second you move. Or a 144hz will spawn 144 instances per second. This will add up quickly the longer you move. The other event that spawns the Sprite4 will also do that, so obviously even more sprites per second. But those at least time out at some point so there is an upper limit on how many can exist at once.

    You should either limit the amount of Sprites you spawn (like using every 0.1 seconds) or periodically paste all sprites onto a canvas and delete them. After doing that though you cannot change them anymore other than painting over them I guess. I do the canvas thing in this example with the snowflakes.

    And you can also check the debugger to see what eats up performance.

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  • pen->stamp tool

    Check out the Drawing Canvas plug, paste object.

    Edit, beat me to it.

  • Drawing Canvas did the trick, thank you so much!

    I got a little confused at first because I tried searching for Canvas plugin and it didn't show up in the addon search, since it was implemented into Construct itself.

    Works like a charm now!

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