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  • Hey there!

    While testing the "ready-feature" before game start, where the host can only start the game after every player is ready, I had quite problems figuring out why it didn't work.

    Then after some time I realized that in the dictionary that I use to store values, every players ready-key had a value of "1" (string) and the hosts value was 1 (number).

    That happened because only strings can be sent through multiplayer and while doing the local stuff I accidantally put a number instead of a string for the ready value.

    But the unfortunate thing is, that I could not see that in Debug Mode. I almost thought I'm stupid or something because the dictionary values cleary showed a 1 on every of the keys.

    Is it possible to indicate strings with " " inside the debug mode, like usually? Thanks.

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  • When you receive a message as a string, you can turn it back to a number using the casting system expressions.

    For example set dictionary value to float(multiplayer.message).

    When you mention "ready-feature" are you talking about the "Is ready for input" condition ?

    If not, this is likely something you have implemented yourself, right ?

    Perhaps you should post your project .c3p file and explain clearly what you are looking to achieve.

    This would be simpler to understand and diagnose what your issue is and provide help according to how your project is setup.

    Also :

    If you have suggestions for new features or improvements in Construct 3, we have a feature suggestion platform here which lets everyone vote on their favourite ideas:

    Please look for existing ideas before submitting a new one. It's better to get all votes on the same idea than spreading it around.

  • Thank you for your detailed reply.

    Maybe I overcomplicated my question with too much detail.

    My wish:

    Please mark strings in the Debugger with " " like in the editor or programming languages. That would make troubleshooting easier.

    But you are right it is not a bug and I will instead request it as an idea/feature in the thread you linked.

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