How do I Set Game Over as a timer?

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  • Im new at construct, and i looked at any guide there is, none is talking about timer (On Cs3. on 2 there plenty).

    Im trying to create an survival type of a game, which the player have X time to complete his tasks, if failed to do so game over.

    I set Global var (As refer as total time), when reach X time he switched his Text to the time he reached (when its reach 30 sec its typed "3 am".

    the point is i want the player to try to play game until he reach 60 sec. and then to game over. cant seem to do so, other then that the player need to collect some kind of objects, and if he reach to the 1 min and manage to collect all, i want him to be able to move the next stage, if not, game over.

    no idea how to start that.


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  • Every 1 second add 1 to the global variable. When global variable is 60 - game over.

  • go to condition and then go to sysytem and then go to every x secs. And add 1 to an instance variable of the player every 1 sec.

    and again new condition:go to system and then compare instance variable, when instance =60. then player destroyed and menu layout comes out.

  • There is also the timer behavior.

    bartalluyn I respect the grind but just linking to your youtube channel without any input to the issue at hand is kinda suss.

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