can make RPG with PVP and Boss Raid?

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  • I have some questions about construct.

    I would like to make RPG with some network functions.

    1. PVP between users

    2. Boss Raid for all users

    3. Ranking board for PVP and Raid

    4. and give reward beased on their performance and rank

    Are they possible in Construct2 or Construct3?

  • Possible, yeah. But it´s one hell of a task, if you don´t have a dedicated team and already good knowledge about construct/networking I´d steer away from that idea.

  • You can do it !

    Construct 3's multiplayer features are top notch!!

    Good luck !

  • Possible, yeah. But it´s one hell of a task, if you don´t have a dedicated team and already good knowledge about construct/networking I´d steer away from that idea.

    you mean the implementation difficulty level is very high?

    hm... but I'm not even making realtime multiplayer.

    PVP and Boss Raid are just like single play but looks like multiplay because of ranking boards and promotion and demotion of ranks.

    I tot construct developed an easy network pack like plug and play kind of tool but... no?

    Then is there any example game using released with those features (pvp and boss raid)?

    or good tutorial to learn about it?

  • You can do it !

    Construct 3's multiplayer features are top notch!!

    Good luck !

    you talk very differently from the guy above you haha.

    so is it easy to implement those feature in construct RPG game?

    Can you show me some construct games which using network features intensively?

    I hope to learn it not in very hard way :D

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  • klkev

    I love your enthusiasm to jump straight into the deep end I do, it's often the best way to learn. I too have that problem. My advice to you is to step back a bit, build a small project based on your idea and add small bits to it overtime. Build up your own knowledge base of how Construct works and when your ready to go ahead with such a mammoth task, you'll know.

    You will also most certainly need to purchase the Construct3 license in order to build this huge MMO game that you plan on doing.

    I would most certainly join you in this project but my knowledge of this engine severely lacks. I have the tendancy to start building a game, move onto the next, scrap it and repeat. This time I'm going to work on just the one game and then release.

    If you jump straight into this project of yours, it's going to be a full time job. I'm talking graphics, sounds, programming, planning, marketing, playtesting, animating as well as whatever real life tasks you have around you. You need a team for this type of project, I would volunteer but first you need a good grasp of Construct.

  • You can only use construct 3's multiplayer features with a paid license, but you can still make a 20 player game for free if you use the photon plugin

    Get yourself familiar by how it work by looking at the included examples, photon is pretty easy to use and is a great introduction to construct3's multiplayer plugin. Keep trying new things and build up your experience and never give up and you'll get good in no time! if you have any questions

  • I don't mind paying for construct3 license and I will actually pay for it sooner or later.

    But isn't it better just use multiplayer feature from construct3 itself rather than integrating products from 3rd parties?

    I mean it's easier and fit better to use built in multiplayer feature? and even with easier learning curve?

    Basically the things I care most are easy to learn and use and nice compatibility with bug free.

    btw are you using construct2 or construct3 at the moment?

  • oh maybe you recommended photonengine coz they are more professional than scirra team in multiplayer area?

    I can see that they have quite amount of history and effort put only into network feature development lol

  • No. Construct 3's multiplayer plugin is really really really good and has tons of features.

    The problem with that is that for most users there'S too many features, it's like re-learning the engine completely. When you work with the construct 3 multiplayer plugin, conditions and actions work differently. For example the "sprite on created" condition means that you connected to a host and the action you put under that condition has the player's multiplayer plugin ID which isn't written anywhere but that's just how it works and it'S weird to the uninitiated. Also you need to setup a TURN server and that costs money and tons of effort and knowledge in linux and googlecloud or amazon web services. With photon you just get something that works boop just like that and is free but with limited features and is more appropriate to beginners

  • very informative sir. So I should go with photon coz I need the one with less learning curve :)

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