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  • How to know what cookies are currently running on an construct 3 app (on Android)? And how to disable?

    To show on the RGPD (GDPR) consent dialog.

    Sorry i have no idea


  • Ashley

  • ?????????

  • Android apps do not utilize cookies.

    Edit: Apologies, I had no idea. See below.

  • But construct doesnt do native apps. It uses the browser instead. WebGPU.

    Am i wrong?

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  • It uses WebView, not the browser. And there are no cookies.

  • Thank u for the answers!

    So Doesn't Webview use cookies? I imagine that MobileIAP, mobileAdvert, etc. uses cookies to store preferences of the user when seen adverts or making purchases. Isn't it?

    I understand then that no user data is collected, and that it is not necessary to make a privacy policy. (No data is collected explicitly, but I did not know if there were cookies that did. I am using MobileIAP and Mobile Advert)

    As you can see, I don't know much about programming.


  • I believe these statements are incorrect.

    Webview uses google cookie manager.

    And the cookie manager is included in the cordova build (when building c3 projects for instance). Enabling/disabling of cookies is handled by 'setAcceptCookie', which is a boolean value. Default is 'true'.

    Exactly like you GloryF90 say, Admob for instance uses cookies (stores data on the device for tracking), which by law users needs to give consent for. If no consent is given then it is not legal to set a cookie and then admob will not serve any ads, at all.

    In the new Google UMP the default (manual) cookie consent is set to 'off', which is in line with the european gdpr law (The ePrivacy Directive). and then admob cannot serve any ads.

    It is a "huge debate" on this both on the google admob forums, and actually also in the EU parliament.


  • fredriksthlm Thanks for correcting me, I didn't know!

    I guess the question is really about showing the GDPR consent dialog, which is supported in the official Admob plugin.

  • No it is not supported.

    In the Scirra Admob plugin they have a (deprecated) consent screen which ask you if you are fine with seeing personalized ads or none-personalized ads. This is not enough to comply with EU law.

    Even if you choose "none-personalised" ads Admob still requires to set a cookie to be able to track the ads. And the user have not give any consent for this.

    This Consent dialog is deprecated since long ago.

    The new UMP is in line with the ePrivacy Directive though. But with this users can opt-out for ads, obviously.

    The most "important" law for consent in EU is for cookie handling, and without giving consent for cookies you are not allowed to set any.

    Even though most webpages in EU now ask you for "allow cookies" and all kind of different popups, I would guess that still 95% av all webpages and apps in Europe do not comply with the EU directives.

    Most other Ad-companies doesn't even provide any consent SDK at all, they just write in their documentation that they trust all app developer to fully comply with the GDPR law by themselves. Which is extremely hard for a app developer to do really.

  • Thank you guys!

    So, would it be possible to remove MobileAdvert and do it manually? With code.

    I have tried but I have not been able.


    Should I also have consent for MobileIAP (Google Play billing?)?


    How can i disable all cookies with code?


  • I don't believe google billing uses any cookies.

    If you disable cookies your app will not be able to show any ads, for anyone.

  • I know, but giving that option to the user is the only way to comply with the GDPR regulation (I know, it sucks).

    The user must be able to deny any non-essential cookie.

    Otherwise, the fine they could put you, you would not pay in 10 lives.


    What I do is that the user can see ads (optional) to add Game-Money and even be able to unlock the full game without having to pay (After having seen X ads). In this way, you encourage the user to allow you to have cookies.


    That is my opinion, but I would like to know yours.

  • To encourage users to give consent (and show ads) and state that this is the only way for them to be able to play the game is more or less a so called "cookie wall". This is highly controversial.

    You can read this article


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