How do I restart a one-shot particle in event sheet?

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  • How do I restart a one-shot particle in the event sheet? I have a particle fire once after load. But I want to trigger it again on an event. Any suggestions?

  • just create a new instance of the object - it will fire one, and then be done too... you can create new instances as often as you like with the system - create object action.

  • I tried that but the instance sprays continuously (I used "create object" in the event sheet)? Even though the particle in the frame on start is set to one-shot? There does not appear to be a "restart Particle" (similar to restart fade... Also I saw online that it destroys the one-shot particle on completion. Other suggestions?

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  • are you constantly creating new instances every tick? have you tried running in debug mode to see how many instances there are? if it is set to one shot, it should only fire once...

    what is the condition that initiates creating the new particle?

  • You were correct - I had to add a "trigger-once while true". Because it was placing particle object repeatedly. It wasn't under an "every-tick" but still repeating because it was being fired by a compare two values (showParticles = true) therefore was continually repeating. A common newbie error. Thank you for your assistance.

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