[RESOLVED] How do I load a Tiled Map (TMX) with TileMap plugin?

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  • I've succeeded on this in the past, but now for the life of me I can't figure out how to load a map!

    I've added the Official Tilemap plugin, but whenever I try to select the TMX file I get an error "Missing Image on Tileset" "Construct 3 requires an image to be defined in the Tileset"

    The tiled map has 2 layers, both are Tile Layer types.

    The tile set is made from a collection of images. I HAVE selected 'Embed in Map'

    From there I cannot load it into C3.

    Can someone put me out of my misery!

    Using C3v2.07

    Using Tiled 1.4.1, but also tried 1.3.3


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  • To answer my own question since I'll probably find it one my next search!

    This issue manifests itself when you create a Tiled map with a COLLECTION of images. Apparently you can't do that.

    To use the TMX you need to use a TILESET IMAGE set.

    Once you load this you should be up and running.

    For those looking to figure out how to load it, you also need the Tilemap plugin and the Tilemap Bar (Menu>View>Bars>Tilemap Bar)

    On the Tilemap Bar, click the open icon (bottom right), pick your map file at the top and it should be good to go.

  • Hi Graham, that's exactly right. You can only have one tilemap image imported when using Tiled. I faced a similar problem and had to merge all tilesets into one file. Just make sure you're not going over the maximum file size or you may need to use multiple tilemaps for additional tilesets!

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