How do I use the "ReplaceColor" effect in Construct 3?

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  • Hello guys.

    I have a little problem here. I am trying to make a game like those on Android store, where you have to color by number, with many images. I managed to do that with many conditions, and with animations frame, but for 3 colors and 9 objects there is almost 50 events.

    And I abandoned that path.

    I searched over the internet for a tutorial and how to make a game like that. Not in Construct 2 or 3, but in every engine available, but I did not found something that helps me.

    Except for a little post on the forums here, that say something about the ReplaceColor effect.

    But I tried to use it in construct 3, with no luck.

    What I tried was to make a global variable, name color.

    When for example a green object is touched, the color variable store the colorValue of the object.

    And when I click on the object to who I want to change the color, and use the set effect parameters event, nothing happens. Can someone explain to me how I can do that?

    Thanks a lot!

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  • I would actually do three global variables and three variables for the color object. Name one 'Red,' one 'Green,' and 'Blue.' So then when you want to make something a color retrieved from the global variables, the action would look like this: object -> set effect parameter -> [effect: "ReplaceColor", parameter: 1, value: RGBex255(Red, Green, Blue)]

    Hope this helps, if not ask me again and I will help you fix it,

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