Reference container as a single object?

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  • I have a container comprised of 3 objects which is intended move as a group when a target object is dragged.

    Currently I'm separately pinning each of the components of the container to the target object, which seems to work. But every time I want to interact with the container as group, it seems I have to manually pick all the components of the container, which is tedious.

    Demo here.

    I supposed I can write functions to handle all the object picking, but is this really the only way to treat containers as a single object?

    Thanks for any suggestions for improvement.


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  • You don't need to pick all objects form the container, just one is enough, other members will be picked automatically. And if you add Tile sprite to the container, you won't need to pick anything:

    Edit: actually, even "For each Tile" is not required, all objects will pin to their own tiles.

  • Thanks for the helpful response. Not sure yet if I can keep the tile as part of the container, but good to know from your explanation. And with that arrangement, layering seems to stay intact more reliably when moving a container to the top of the layer.

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