How do I redisplay a portion of my screen?

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  • Essentially I want to create screens in the background of a 2d fighting game and have those screeds display any action happening in a certain zone. If you've played Smash Bros, like the pokemon battle stadium stage. I'm thinking I need some combination of gamerecorder and usermedia or maybe video, but I can't figure it out.

  • So you essentially want to create a split-screen?

    In C2 you could easily do this with Canvas or Paster plugin. C3 has DrawingCanvas, but it can only paste objects at the end of the tick. Which makes it impossible to move DrawingCanvas to a different area, paste objects there, and move back.

    Edit: Found a tutorial showing how to make a split screen, it moves all objects to canvas, instead of moving the canvas to object. May not work in some games, but it's still a great solution:

  • Thanks! I was able to make it work, though not as smoothly as I would like. I made the drawing canvas move instead with a second drawing canvas and implemented "wait for previous actions." I wish there was a way to paste with the drawingcanvas from a different position more effectively.

    Edit: I got it running smoothly by making drawingcanvas1 invisible

    so it looks something like

    Every 0.05seconds:

    Drawing canvas1-set position (for image to capture)

    wait for previous

    drawingcanvas1 paste objects

    wait for previous

    set position (for display)


    drawingcanvas2 paste drawingcanvas1

  • IF you want a live 'jumbotron' of the current action in a game (e.g. a zoom in of a fight), try this effect I created:

    It copies a a region of the screen to a sprite. Place it on 'top' of whatever you want to capture (the other elements must be rendered first.)

    Example in action:

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  • that's a super cool behavior! unfortunately, I am rendering things throughout the fight, so it didn't work for me :( I had some fun playing around with the variables so i could get just the portion of the screen i wanted.

  • Interesting, I am not sure why 'rendering things throughout the fight' would not work, if you placed the Sprite with Copy effect on the top layer.

    However perhaps that is it, you want this copy the background behind the 'action'? That would not work. If you had it as jumbotron placed so that it was never blocked by the fight, it could be on a top layer and work, though that may not work wit the style you want. Good luck with it!

  • Mikal It's a great effect, but I can't think of any usage cases for it.. Since it can only copy what's already on the screen, how can I use it in games?

    Edit: I can zoom-in on a particular area!

  • I think you already found one usage!

    It can also be used in cases like this (it's just eye candy, but some people like it). Jumobtron effect for a fight in a stadium.

    The limitation is that the zoomed in area cannot be _in front_ of the jumbotron (copy effect), so it would need to be higher than the action.

    I was also experimenting with using it for psuedo 'stereo vision' for a HMD for my FQZ plugin or EQR effect, not quite working yet, but it seems possible.

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