How could I recreate this C2 Dissolve effect in C3?

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  • I'm working on an NES/GBC style game with lo-fi visuals, for the most part I don't need to use too many effects. I recently moved this project from C2 to C3, and I had been using a 3rd party dissolve effect for weather transitions:

    Just focus on how the storm clouds dissolve in, they basically just populate in pixel-by-pixel (the amount they dissolve in is handled by tweening the dissolve value)

    Now I'm no good with effects, and I just need a lo-fi aesthetically consistent replacement for this effect. I'd like something as similar to this C2 effect as possible, but anything that doesn't mess too much with alpha or color changes I would be open to as well.

    Either a replacement effect, or any suggestions on how I can recreate something like this with C3 effects would be appreciated!

  • You could probably use a layer set to "force own texture" with a particle object using a "destination out" blend.

  • newt Thank for the suggestion! I can envision what your proposing giving me a similar effect, however how would I guarantee the particle object covered the space entirely in a specific amount of time? The beauty of this plugin effect is that it did that for me.

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  • The thing with particles is that they don't cover the screen all at once. If you do need that you can load its state from json.

    Then again on closer inspection I would suggest using a tiled background and changing its texture offset.

    I should also say that it would need two different tiled backgrounds, one to erase the sky and clouds, and one as an overlay.

    To get the parallax with the sun and clouds you would also have to paste into a drawing canvas right before the wipe. But that means you don't have to use a force own texture, but change the drawing blend on the canvas.

  • I wasn't even aware of the image offset properties, thank you for bring those to my attention! I think I can come up with something suitably lo-fi just using those.

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