How do I re-use a large block of events?

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  • So, I have a large number of events that I set up to display some animated text when the player gets locked into an arena combat encounter:

    I'd like to be able to block all these events off and call them whenever a situation like this pops up in the game, essentially, a function.

    However, I don't think C3's function behaviors allow this, since there are multiple events that depend on each other to run, and from what I can tell, C3's functions can only have actions, not conditions, and the effect consists of multiples of both:

    Is there another way around this? Or will I have to duplicate the events each time I want to use this effect?

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  • You can create an eventsheet and include in other eventsheet to reuse it.

  • You can create an eventsheet and include in other eventsheet to reuse it.

    Interesting. So how would I call that event sheet when I wanted to use it?

  • tommyoliversays

    everything in the trigger once event can go in a function, and then call that when needed.

    the tween end will only trigger after then function starts the sequence, so that is not a problem to leave it out on its own...

    you could also put all the events in a group and disable the group until it is needed.

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