How to put a pause into the typewriter

  • Hi there. I was wondering if there was a way to create a delay in a sentence after the sentence has finished typing.

    For example, how could I say "Hi I am making a game," then wait three seconds and add, "I think you will like it," without having to erase or retype anything?

    I tried using the append feature, but it just cancels the typewriter and instantly puts all the words in.

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  • You can have finer control by making your own typewriter text behavior.

    You'll need a variable or other data structure to hold the source text.

    + System: Every X seconds

    + System: len(Text.Text) ≠ sourceText

    -> Text: Set text to left(sourceText.Text, len(Text.Text) + 1)

    It should typewriter out letters from sourceText until the length matches, and continue if you append to sourceText.

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  • Okay, thanks, I'll try it out.

  • So I'm not sure if it's just me, since I'm more fluent in python, but I can't seem to get anything like this to work. First of all it keeps saying I can't compare string to numbers, and second, what I've done that doesn't receive an error just makes my text boxes blank...

  • Apologies, the second condition should be len(sourceText) instead of just sourceText.

    This should work without that condition at all actually I think.

  • I tried that too. It comes up with a type mismatch for me, saying that the second parameter does not take a number.

  • Never mind, that's my bad. I figured that out. Although I think I might have swapped the orders of things, because it's just blinking now. I'll tweak it a bit and report back soon.

  • Yeah, I got it to print out correctly, but I still can't create a delay in the middle of it. It just seems to skip over that part...

  • Here

    You need an auxiliar to stop it after the first timer ends.. otherwise it will run forever

  • I found another way using wait time and the free typewriter addon that Construct 3 has. The other way was just too much work to do repeatedly but this way works just fine for me. It has "Pause typewriter" and "Resume typewriter" actions that help make this really simple. Thanks for all the help though :)

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