How can put HTML code in debug mode?

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  • Hello

    I try to make a Construct3 version for a Construct2 plugin that i making, the only part that i had a problem is in the Debug mode

    the code that i use for Construct2 version and Construct3 c2runtime:

     instanceProto.getDebuggerValues = function (propsections) 
    			"title": "Labyrinth",
    			"properties": [
    				{"name": "Map", 
    				 "value": this.GameDungeon == null? "NOT DUNGEON CREATED YET" : GraphiqueDungeon(this.GameDungeon), 
    				 "html": true, 
    				 "readonly": true}

    For otherwise, in c3runtime

    		const Acts = C3.Plugins.random_dungeon_maker.Acts;
    		const prefix = "plugins.Plugins.random_dungeon_maker.debugger.MapProperties";
    		return [{
    			properties: [
    				{name: "Map",
    				 value: C3.Plugins.random_dungeon_maker.GameDungeon == null? "NOT DUNGEON CREATED YET" : GraphiqueDungeon(C3.Plugins.random_dungeon_maker.GameDungeon), 
    				 html: true}

    The problem in this code is that the html property doesn´t work and the value not formated in HTML.

    Is possible convert the string in HTML like Construct2 or this is not available yet?

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