Publishing games in 2019 (Sanity Check)

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  • Hi there, I took a bit of a break from Construct. Services like Concoon IO were killed and XDK which were both the ways I usually published iOS / Android apps.

    I see Construct still has the built in apk builder service which is great. Is there any news / movement on bring the same feature to iOS? There was definite talk and plans early on to extend the same ability to iOS, but that was awhile ago.

    Is windows phone no longer possible? I made a fair amount of windows phone games a few years back or use the UWP work for windows phone as well as windows / xbox?

    Are there any other options that are out there? New players in the publishing market?

    Phone Gap is fine, but still good to know if there are alternatives that might be worth considering and knowing about.

    (side note, seems like forum is acting up today? critical errors when replying / posting)

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