How do I properly manage sound volume in C3?

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  • Hi guys! Hopefully you can help me out on this.

    I am aware that C3 deals with sound volume with db. and the help text for the 'Volume' property says: "0 is original volume, -10db is about half as loud, etc."

    So based on this information My tought was:

    Since 10db is about half of 0db, I created a 'volume display' sprite with 20 frames and no animation speed, representing a range from -20db to 0db. Pressing left decreases the frames, right increases it. And I'll save the frame number on an array and use it as the volume when music plays:

    The issue is that at -20db I still can hear the music. And I have no idea how should I do to properly set this up.

    Could someone help me with this? Are there any better solutions to this? Any formula or something like that?

    Thanks in advance!


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  • I think I've used -60 as the cutoff, so you could just drop by a factor of 3 each time. You just have to experiment and decide what makes sense to you.

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