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  • Hi.

    Almost 2 weeks ago I posted a thread listing my problems, but nobody has responded, so I thought that I would make a new one, because I would never expect someone to reply after 2 weeks. Note that this one includes a problem that wasn't in the old one.

    1. If the player is on the main menu, and they go to either the help menu or the options menu, the music keeps going, but when the player goes back to the main menu, the music restarts. Note that if the player is playing the game and pauses it and goes back to the main menu, the music should restart. Just not when they're coming back from the help menu or options menu though.

    2. What I call "Custom Cursor setting" isn't working. You know how that in some games, you can set your cursor to either the normal system cursor or the game's own cursor? Well, I tried implementing that, and my checkbox can't be checked. Also please note that the checkbox I'm using is a sprite and that it's the the light blue and dark grey-ish black box that has no label yet.

    3. My screen resolution setting malfunctions when you visit the options menu. It's hard to explain, you'll have to try to visit the options menu from the main menu.

    4. This isn't an urgent problem, although if the player is standing still right at a wall, they can't jump. The jumping sound effect plays but they can't jump.

    5. On level 7, I want the octopus to move back and forth. But then he just bounces off the sunken bridge at an angle, then flies in the air out of water!

    6. I'm also having a little trouble getting the music to stop when the player fails the level so the fail sound effect can play.

    Please note that if it works for you, I'm using Firefox. And I'm aware of the fact that when you play level 7, it says you're on level 6. That's just because I haven't yet set it to set the text to level 7.

    And let me know what you think of the music. I just made the third music for chapter 1 earlier today.

    One more thing. I'm going to have 3 main chapters. How many levels should I include in each chapter? Also, find the file down below.

    Thanks so much in advance!

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  • For the first problem, I propose using a global variable like a boolean to know if you need to restart the music or not.

    For example:

    1. Set a boolean variable start_music.
    2. In all the main menu buttons set the boolean to False before the action Go to the main menu layout.
    3. Then in the Main Menu event sheet add a new condition Is boolean set to the At the start of the layout condition that you already have, so when both conditions are meet the music will restart otherwise it will keep going.

    It is just an idea of how you can fix your problem.

    On another separate issue, I suggest that you open different topics for each problem that you have, I think that way people can glimpse at your title and go like "Oh I can help to solve that problem".

  • Thank you! And yes, I'll make those 5 more posts soon.

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