Problem with Tile Movement and changing tab in browser

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  • Hello,

    When I test my game in a browser using the Tile Movement behavior, there is a problem if you change the tab in the middle of the movement. The object returns to the previous position instead of going to the next.

    To be more clear, if the object is simulating Right from A to B, and I change my browser tab in the middle of the movement, and then return to the game tab, the object did not go to B, but instead returned to A.

    This only happens when the browser tab is changed during the tile movement.

    I tried to debag and see what happens to the GridTargetX and GridTargetY expressions.

    What I realized is that in regular circumstances GridTargetX and GridTargetY change immediately to Grid position B, when the simulating right starts, and stay until the object reached position B.

    But if I change the tab of my browser in the middle of the movement, GridTargetX and GridTargetY change back to the grid position A instead of staying grid position B until the object arrives at destination B.

    Is this a bug, or there is some other thing I have not considered.

    Please help and thank you.

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