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  • Hi.

    Recently I started to rebuild game for my girlfriend on an occasion.

    I decided to use the free version of this program Construct 3.

    Everything was fine, I could even export the game to windows

    But after saving and trying to continue the next day, a message popped up saying I had exceeded the permissions of the free version.

    Why did I get something like this after about 2-3 days of using the program?

    It also pops up when opening game demos, and this was not the case before

    Is there any solution to this? Do you just have to pay after a few days and that's it?

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  • You probably added something to your project that made it exceed the free edition limits (as shown in the table here). If you share the project I can probably identify which limit you exceeded, e.g. if it's the event limit, effects limit, layers limit etc.

    We haven't changed anything about the free edition limits recently. In particular:

    Everything was fine, I could even export the game to windows

    I'm not sure what you've been doing, because the Windows desktop export (with NW.js) has never been available in the free edition. Perhaps you were using the free gamejam license over the weekend? We made the full version free temporarily for Global Game Jam 2021.

  • Yes it makes sense, I only used the program for the weekend.

    Thank you for your help. I understand everything now

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