How do I play test my converted game?

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  • Hey everyone!

    Its been quite a while since I started using Construct 2 and also a bit since Construct 3 has been released. I was planning to convert my C2 project to C3 (for better performance and more features, stuff like that), but I hit a snag when doing so. I had successfully converted/uploaded all my addons that work with the new C3 engine, and Construct was able to open the game no problem. However, I wanted to play test it (just in the browser) to see how the game would run under C3's engine. However, when clicking the play button, the entire top row of Construct disappeared and trying to test the game would do nothing. I really need help on this, as without being able to test my game, moving to C3 is not even an option since I can't gamble my money in the hopes that 'it just works'.



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  • There shouldn't really be a problem with playing it so maybe it is a bug or a problem on your end. You could try reporting it as a bug.

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