How do I play a song after the previous fades out?

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  • I'm having a bit of a difficult time figuring out something that I thought would be pretty easy. I have two webm files that are used as background music. On the start of layout, I have an event for Audio -> Play "music_sample_1". Below that, I preload the next track, let's call it "music_sample_2".

    Then, when a global variable = 1, I fade out "music_sample_1". It works great, fades out, and has stopped. I have an event for "On music_sample_1 fade ended" -> play "music_sample_2".

    However, it never plays. I've tried loading, unloading and then reloading. I have also moved the files into the sounds folder based on other feedback. I've made sure the volume is set back to the default of 0 db. However, I just can't seem to get this track to play after the previous has faded out.

    Any advice for getting one track to play after the previous track fades out?

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  • Hi, if you can post a screenshot of your code, it will help you understand more. But I understand a little bit, when you're going to fade the audio with the global variable, make sure you only do it once. The condition "Trigger once while true" can help you.


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