How to get Play-pause button to work in Safari?

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  • So, I've converted the Audio Player template found on the start page by adding my own tracks, creating a playlist, making it automatically play the next track, adding my own art, disabled dragging the playhead, etc. In Chrome everything works as expected... yea!

    But... when I run it in Safari 14.0 on Mac 10.15.7, both in preview and from our server, the play/pause button doesn't work, instead of pausing/playing it skips tracks.

    I don't see any errors during debug and can't figure out what Safari needs to work properly.

    I tried the audio player template as is in Safari and it works as expected, so apparently I broke something when altering it but I can't figure out what.

    Is there anyone familiar with the Audio Player template that can lend a hand?

    Thanks, here's the c3p:

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  • Never mind, I finally found it. Apparently Safari doesn't like the "Stop audio" command after setting it up to play the next track on audio end instead of just stopping as the original was coded. On a whim I changed it to "pause audio" and it worked.

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