How do I Make Physics Angle on Impulse Object (object with "face" not symmetric object)?

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  • Hi,

    Sorry for the thread title which confusing :(

    basically I am learning about physics, and I play around with Physics Catapult template


    This is not a problem if the object is symmetric like sphere or an arrow. but when the object is a character with "face", that could be look weird (especially I need to turn on the "prevent rotation" check box).

    I want the object facing down when falling down, and facing up when going up.

    This .c3p is what I change : modified

    well, the change work when the object "in the air" really look like what I need, but when the object hit floor (immoveable), the object start blinking all the time.. although I use "impulse" not "force".. I need the object periodically slow down and stop when hit floor..

    Is there any other effective way to do this ? Most of the physics shoot tutorial using symmetric object.. I can't found one that look like what I try to achieve.

    Anyone with awesome idea to share ? Thanks in advance

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  • This should work.

    Thanks man for the reply.. I will try.. but I still need to "prevent rotation" all the time the object move.. even collision with ground/ landed, it will move and face right or left.

    Thank you very much

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