How do I pause the UserMedia camera display?

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  • I want to take a snapshot and show a preview of the shot taken. However, on device it takes a few seconds for the snapshot to be ready after taking the shot.(On PC this works instantaneously)

    So, In the meantime I would like to 'freeze' the camera view in the same frame otherwise it becomes confusing when you take a snapshot and the result of the shot it spits out is something that doesn't correlate to the current display of the camera. Is it possible?

    Note: if there is a way to speed up the time it takes between UserMedia.SnapshotURL. TakeSnapshot and OnSnapShotReady that would be preferable (Currently it's at about 3 seconds on quite a high end android)


  • The way to freeze the display would be to take a snapshot and display that... so, probably not! You could try doing something else like pasting it in to a Drawing Canvas instead.

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  • Hmm, any idea how I do that? I cant see any relevant actions.

    I tried Save snapshot then On Snapshot>Load Snapshot to canvas but it doesn't seem to do anything?

  • Cancel that I found it. I use..

    -> DrawingCanvas: Paste object UserMedia without effects

    at the instant I take a photo and it works..

    I have no idea why UserMedia takes 3 seconds to do exactly the same thing. I'll just use this instead.

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