One point on every destroyed block

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  • Hi!

    In my game, when the player taps a button on the botton of the screen and match the color that button with the blocks on the screen, I want the player to score one point for each sucessfull color match!

    But, I don't know why no matter the quantity of blocks matched he only score one point. Am I missing something? I am changing the color using the animation frames of the object and comparing with the animation frames of the button. (I upload a printscreen that maybe help to understand)

    I was thinking to do it in another way:

    step 1 - var1 = Count the quantity of blocks

    step 2 - Destroy the blocks with matched criteria

    step 3 - var2 = Count again

    step 4 - SCORE = var1 - var2

    But unfortunate, seens that step 1 and 3 execute at the same time! resuting in score = zero. I tried to use a wait() but it did not work.

    Can you guys give me a tip on that? Thanks in advance.

  • I suggest that you use For Each "Sprite".

    Here is my Example :

    And its screenshot :

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  • It worked! Thank you very much.

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