How do I make the "object is on the screen" condition works?

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  • I want to shot an action when the object appears in the camera/screen. I'm using the "is on the screen" condition // system wating 1 second - shot action) but the action shots before the sprite comes to the camera.

    So I try to shot the action when the object1.X > object2.X-50, this would work in my case if running, but is not running too.

    Could someone help me to undestand what is missing? Mainly in the first approach.

  • Can you share the project?

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  • I already know what was the problem. BY default the screen beguns in the top left corner of layout, and my camera is in the midle. The game start and very fast the screen go where my camera (center in) is, but before that its where in the top left corner, where I put my object to start to walk untill reach the screen. So the object was in the screen by this time, before the screen go to the camera (center in) in the middle of laout.

    I appreciate you come to help.

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