How do I make an object move along touch path?

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  • Hi.. :) I need help about touch object ( )

    basically I want to move sprite object through Touch which I learn from templates "Vertical space shooter" in Construct 3 Editor

    Please correct me if i am miss understanding about this template touch concept. Thanks in advance.

    Here is my case :

    Reason :

    * I dont want make the person who play the game need to move their finger all around their phone surface. finger will close the character art

    * "8 Direction behavior + Touch" need arrow object on screen, once the player move their finger out of this arrow area, the character will not move anymore (on tap gesture / on touched object) and player need to retouch the arrow on screen

  • I have made an example :

    Is this what you need?

    These are the events :

  • I have made an example :

    Is this what you need?

    These are the events :

    Hi :) thanks for the reply

    I tried your idea with some change "On any touch end" become "Is in touch"

    because your example show the object move after touch end

    but I need the object to move immediately since finger touch is moving..

    the problem is I cannot move the object angle correctly

    in previous case which use "vertical space shooter template", it just need to set the angle toward touch point (X, Y) and it works perfect..

    I learn this from "Construct 3 Editor Intermediate examples -> Instant hit Laser" (the plane object angle facing mouse position)

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  • I think I found the way.. it is "Set Angle" not "Set Angle toward position"

    Thanks Maverick1912

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