"No Save" behavior in some texts makes them disappear.

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  • Has anyone ever seen this happening?

    In a file with many texts with "No Save", some stay the same after a save/load, but some disappear.

    I still get their opacity as 100%, and their positions are correct (even though I never moved them), also changing their Z positions (depth) seems to have no effect.

    I couldn't reproduce this with other files therefore I cannot post it as a bug yet, but it would be great if anyone could provide any insight whatsoever.


  • The image clearly shows that both texts (that share a family with the behavior "No Save") display differently. One of them simply disappeared after load for no apparent reason.

    I also cleared the old saves and made new ones, the problem doesn't go away.

    The disappearing text behaves "correctly" when I remove them from the "No Save" family, meaning it does not disappear anymore.

  • The two texts are on different layers. Maybe something is blocking the "Header" layer when you load the game? Or the layer itself is invisible.

  • hi, i really appreciate the reply, but the buttons are on the same layers as the texts and the buttons show. the buttons also have No_Save. Actually everything in my project has No_Save. I’ll look further and try to bring better info about it.

  • Hi. First of all I found the MAYBE bug and will put in the work to report it properly.

    Secondly I was confused. I said before that I tried to change their Z index and I actually did not.

    What I did was change Z elevation by mistake.

    I now have changed the Z index and everything is normal again, therefore I believe the bug is in the load section where it changes Z index arbitrarily.

    Another reason to believe this is a bug is because I never in my code change Z index of anything so I don't believe there should be a reason for them to load incorrectly.

    Will mark as [SOLVED]

    Thanks for the support.

  • I guess I won't mark as [SOLVED] because I can't find how, but yeah... Its solved.

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