[Multiplayer] [Photon ] How do I interpolate for lag compensation (Physics) ?

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  • Hi, I used to use Multiplayer plugin for my two-player game, where the ball (Physics) movements were very smooth and accurate on both ends, only slight lag-delay which was also fine and workable.

    Now I use Photon (implemented on the same game mechanics) and since it doesn't Sync an object automatically, getting every tick positions (or even every 0.03, etc) to manually sync the ball, causes a LOT of stop-motion effects.

    I tried 'lerp' but it also doesn't quite make it look smooth.

    I also tried taking velocityX, velocityY with ball.X, ball.Y but for some reason, it doesn't refresh X,Y anymore (or not consistently) when velocities are given?

    I want to know how does Multiplayer Sync work on Physics objects? I want to re-create that mechanics through Photon.

    Assume a Volleyball game where ball has collisions and projectile motions. Thanks

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