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  • Hello everyone, among the models that can be downloaded from the Construct site there is "Skeleton Hierarchy"

    I would like to create a similar character but be able to move it with the touch, but I noticed that if I move the body everything will move, if instead I try to move it from any other piece, only that piece will follow my finger, detaching itself from the body, there is a way to make sure that wherever I take it everything always moves?

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  • Are you using Drag&Drop behavior? You can make the Body sprite larger by adding transparent space to it, and expand its collision polygon. (Don't add Drag&Drop to arms and legs)

  • Thanks dop2000, yours is a good idea, but I would have liked to actually touch only the parts of the character and not the adjacent empty area, in your opinion is it impossible or too difficult to do? I've been using the construct for a few months now

  • You can use an invisible large sprite with Drag&Drop behavior as a parent object for the entire skeleton. In "On drag start" event check if touch is touching any part of the body, if not - use "Drop" action to cancel dragging.

  • It seems to me the best solution, I'll try, thank you very much!

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