How do I modify a game? four Capx files!!!

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  • I'm sorry, It can be awkward using a translator.

    I'm trying to modify a game made by someone else.

    I didn't see multiple Capx files in a single game.

    There were four Capx files, and I don't know how to modify this game.

    Do I need to modify each of the capx files?

    Do I have to export 4 items when I export?

    We play games on websites, and we play games on Android and iOS.

    I'm a beginner, I haven't even dealt with construct 2 a few times.

    Help me, my friends! Thank you very much in advance!


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  • Hello annnnnyo,

    it depends on where you want to upload the game.

    If it's just for a homepage, the html5.capx is the only one you need.

    The mobile...capx are for mobile versions I guess.

    Just open them and maybe you will also see the difference.

    To play the game you need to export the .capx with Construct and there you can choose HTML5 (for web / homepage) or other versions like mobile...

  • Hi, cgamesz.

    Then, if our company only needs html files, can we just export the html.capx files?

    If we need a mobile version, we can go to mobile.capx and export it!

    If that's what I'm understanding right now.

    Our company is doing service through web page. I think you can just edit the html file and export it.

    Thank you, my friend!

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