How do I get MobileAdvert to work

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  • Hello,

    I followed the steps in the manual for the plugin but it seems it's still not configured correctly :(

    On AdMob I did this:

    - created an account

    - added my app

    - created ad unit

    - copied my publisher ID into the EU user consent part

    In Construct I did this:

    - added MobileAdvert plugin

    - turned on Test mode

    - added Android app ID

    - added Puglisher ID

    - added Privacy policy URL

    Then in Event Sheet I did a simple test:

    MobileAdvert->is configured: Text->Set text to "Ads configured"

    MobileAdvert->is not configured: Text->Set text to "Ads not working"

    This app isn't published yet. When I preview my project I get the not working result. I tried MobileAdvert->Create banner and Show the current banner advert but I still don't see any ads.

    Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thank you very much

  • Hi.. did you check the FAQ post ? CTRL+F "Mobile Advert"

    I am sure you can find an answer there :) good luck

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  • Note : In my experience, Mobile Advert will not show in browser preview

    That part answered first of many questions, thank you :)

    I think it's coming along and I will be able to make it work, eventually.

    There is one part that I find confusing... If iI turn on Test mode, does that mean that I can use ad ID for my actual ads in the event sheet or not?

  • According to the manual.. I think so..

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