Mobile IAP: Need explanation of the "transaction" expression

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  • Hello,

    I have a question to the Mobile IAP plugin:

    In the Construct 3 Manual all expressions are explained, only the "transaction" is missing. Does anyone know what it means?


    Two other things I have to ask:

    1. Is there a chance to get any future update where we can get the "token" of a purchase (Google Play) to do serverside authentication?

    2. A few weeks ago I got a message in the "Google Play Console" that the Google API of my app (Construct 3) isn't up to date and it has to be updated until December because then the old version wouldn't be supported anymore. Will the current API-version be included in time?

    Best regards.


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  • The transaction expression returns a JSON blob containing additional information about the transaction, this includes the receipt information for server side validation. I will add a note that we need to add information about it to the manual.

    As for the API update we are awaiting the update of a 3rd party module that will allow us to upgrade, they are aware of the deadline and are working on the issue so I wouldn't worry too much about it. Once it is available we will update.

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