How do I get Mobile Adverts to work with IOS App Store?

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  • I set up mobile adverts and went through all the steps listed which worked great for android and my game posted, ads work and all is hunky dory. Feeling pretty cocky I exported my project for IOS and figured all would be the same. I was sadly mistaken.

    For background on my situation, I am on a PC with no local Mac access. As such I followed the instructions to export IOS then sign and upload via phonegap then used appuploader to submit to App Store. This is where I started having issues. first with files needed and then with Mobile Advert causing the upload to fail as from what I can tell from the upload log.

    I tried all IOS versions then just 10 to current and then all the way up to just current. I previously used Ultimate Ads and when I switched the plug-in to that I was able upload the game and it was accepted.

    The problem is I have a bunch of people playing and no ads (banner or interstitial) are being displayed. I would prefer to use Mobile Adverts but if there is a verified way to upload via PC with another solution I am all ears.

    If the only solution is to log on to a Mac please let me know and I can start researching the virtual options. Just need something I can get ads to display.

    Any and all help is most welcome and appreciated.

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  • I don't know how to get it working with a PC, but I will tell you just form past experience porting games to iOS and Android, I've always had a Mac when dealing with iOS stuff. I'm not saying it can't work because I just don't know, but what I do know is that it was always easier with a Mac. I did attempt things like getting .p12 files and such on a PC and while I did get it to work, it wasn't fun.

    My advise is that if you don't have a Mac, don't try to support iOS. Others may step up and disagree, but that's just my $0.02 to spend more of your time making progress and not spinning wheels.

    Make the best android game you possibly can and if the game starts making money or even starts getting a lot of downloads, then you can worry about porting.. because most likely you're going to find roughly the same success on either platform so don't split your energy early on.

    Just make the game great on one platform and you can worry about the mac / ios stuff later.

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