Local storage doesnt work on Internet Explorer (8,9,10,11)

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  • Hello there!

    Ive a problem with local storage on the internet explorer browers (using ie11 with developer tools to emulate ie 8-10).

    It works on each "modern" and updated browsers (chrome, safari, firefox, edge). Our customer needs to run the game also on those older ie versions.

    My question: Do i have to think about an alternative solution depending on local storage? Or has someone an idea for a workaround?

    How do i use it:

    On start of layout: Check if item "tutorial" exists.

    LocalStorage: On Item "tutorial" exists -> LocalStorage Value = "tutorialdone" -> InitGame()

    LocalStorage: On Item "tutorial" missing -> LocalStorage: Set Item "tutorial" to "totorialnotdone".

    Thats it - like i said it works an each browser, except the ieX.

    Thanks for your help!

    Best regards


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  • I assume you're still using the C2 runtime? The C3 runtime doesn't support IE.

    Storage in the C2 runtime should work on IE. If it doesn't, please file a bug following all the guidelines.

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