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  • There is an identical flag at the end of each level. When my character hits the flag, he goes to a new level. I want him not to move on to the next chapter before the previous chapter is completed. Even if the game is closed and opened, this situation should be saved. It should never change again. For example, don't move on to the 3rd part before the 2nd part is completed. How can I do this in javascript or otherwise.


  • It sounds like you're asking how to make a game save? construct.net/en/tutorials/savegames-313

  • It sounds like you're asking how to make a game save? construct.net/en/tutorials/savegames-313

    I'm making a level selection screen in the game and I don't fully understand how to do it. I don't know how to lock unlocked levels. For example, since the 2nd section is not completed, it should be locked so that it does not pass to the 3rd section. If the 2nd part is completed, the 3rd part can be unlocked and this part can be played again at any time even if the game is closed and opened. How can I do this in javascript or otherwise. I hope it has been understood.

  • Ah I see what you mean maybe. Assuming you have level select object to click on, you can give this instance variable with a number. Then you can use a global variable for the player and it should match the level. So if you reached level 3 the variable is 3. Then on the level screen you lock all objects where instance variable is higher than the player variable, so anything with instance variable 4 or higher is locked, that would be my approach anyway. As for opening the game again with the progress, you would still need to make use of save game as mentioned above. You could save the game every time you enter the level select screen.

  • I tried to do what he said but failed. I asked, maybe it could be done another way. Thanks anyway.

  • As you said, I did everything but I cannot select the 1st episode and the game does not continue. Do you have any information about why this is happening? I also sent the codes.

  • Are the layouts definitely called "1" "2" etc? It says go to a layout called "1" for example. Also the tap gesture may not be 100% working when testing on desktop, not sure about that, but you can try mouse click.

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  • I added a mouse object and did it but unfortunately it didn't change. I did not create a separate sprite for each section. there is a sprite and a spritefont. I did not do the "1" or "2" layout. If I understand it correctly.

  • Then it is the go to layout action, you are trying to go to a layout 'by name' and the name is "1". You need to enter the right name. Show the names of your layouts in the screenshot please :)

  • Construct comes with built in examples. Check out the intermediate example called level select.

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