Kindle Fire APK testing trouble

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  • Hi everyone,

    I recently got my hands on a kind fire. latest generation (has alexa) and i'm finding my usual android / dropbox approach isn't working. i've loved going this route with many other android devices i've owned and wonder if there is some other trick for kindles.

    In the past, i just install the android dropbox app and log in. from there i have always been able to just tap the apk in my dropbox folder and it starts the installation process, but with this kindle this isn't the case.

    I did do the basic enable dev mode (tap s/n 7 times) and allow unknown apps to be installed but it's still acting the same.

    i did an "open with" and selected the "package installer" the screen kinda does a quick fade out/in and nothing happens after that. what gives?



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