Infinite level and effects?

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  • Hello,

    I was trying to make an infinite level. But I noticed almost everything needs to be set as a bullet to move to the left such as backgrounds and enemies (or right as you prefer). Specifically effects are problematic, especially when the effects are spawned by another object that is moving.

    The spawned effect (like a missile smoke trail) is almost impossible to program because it needs to move to the left outside the screen, but also initially follow the missile.

    I guess one option to avoid all this trouble is to make multiple ending levels, although I originally wanted to make an infinite level.

    The player (which is an aircraft) also needs to move realistically with its own throttle and brake to a minimum speed. Something that doesn't seem possible with an infinite level, in turn.

    Anyway, I guess I'm off to make multiple ending levels, but I'd still be interested if anyone has had any luck with what what I was trying to achieve. E.g. create an infinite level.


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  • Hey

    I dont think that it is impossible. Its just a little more work here and there. Here a modified version of the 'Flying along template'. This is fast made and needs a lot of fine tuning but maybe it will help you or gives you an idea:!Ap_-qxoGKbDcg2Y-t8sZ_hyYbypD

  • Thanks for your reply!

    Unfortunately, I made an error and posted in the Construct 3 forum, and am but a Construct 2 user, haha.

    I thought to myself, what is this '.c3p' file!?

    I don't know if you own Construct 2, but I won't be able to open Construct 3 files.

    If you don't have Construct 2.. guess I need to have the topic moved anyhow. :P

  • You can open the file and look at it with free C3:

    I have C2 but i am too lazy to do it again. The code is in both versions the same.

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