How do I use index in Google achievements, etc. ?

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  • Hello,

    My Googleplay services works well in my app. but, with the (very poor) Construct3 documentation, i can't understans how to get back some values from google.

    In these expressions, what value is "index" ??? Where do I find it ? I made so may try...



    And also :







    Thanks if you know...

  • An index is the number position of a value in a list, usually starting with 0.

    So the first item is 0, second is 1, third is 2 and so on.

  • Thanks a lot !

    I know that, but what list ?

    For exemple, to get a googleplay leaderboard in construct, you give its ID, i.e. a string, visible in your google developper console app. No problem.

    -> GooglePlay: Request public all-time hi-scores from "CgkI1_2hh6IQEAIQAw" (25 results, top). Force reload: True

    But for the Achievements, Construct don't want the achievement ID (available in the same way in the google console) but... an Index !

    So you use then something like that (after calling the list of achievements from google)


    And... nothing !

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  • I tried many things. I'm thinking that, on this point, the construct3 Googleplay plugin is old, and not suited for the Google play version of today...

    I just hope that I'm wrong

  • Sorry I haven't tried it myself, but it seems like after signing on, you would use the list achievements action, then access the list in an "on achievement list success" trigger. In that event that triggers (and only inside that event), you'll have access to the list contents via the expressions that take an index.

  • Thank you so much, but it's exactly (and in the same event that the "list success trigger" what I'm doing...

    Thanks anyway.

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