How do I increase tick rate?

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  • I'm creating a relatively simple drawing app (B&W and a single brush) and need help increasing the pasting speed of my one and only brush. For those unfamiliar with how brushes work, one image - the brush tip - is pasted over and over at predetermined intervals following a predetermined behavioural algorithm. At the moment in my app, the pasting happens every tick.

    Onto my question: how do I go about increasing the tick rate to paste more images? I saw somewhere on the forums that putting the app in slow motion doesn't do the trick, is this wrong?

    At the moment I'm using a work-around consisting of two alternating dots with two lines bridging the gap between them every tick. This results in a fairly clumsy line/mess. Is it possible to mimic brush engines in Construct3?

    Also, down the line, I'll need to incorporate pressure sensitivity. Any early thoughts would be appreciated since I can't find the topic mentioned on the forums (Ipad app btw).

    Anyway, thanks for any and all help!

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  • tick rate is determined by the hardware, so you can't adjust that.

    what you can do is remember where the last tick pasted and compare that to where the current tick will paste and if that creates too big of a gap then calculate how many extra paste steps you will need to fill the gap and space those out evenly. (and do that all in the same tick)

    if pasting to a canvas is too slow and processor intensive, it may be easier to create instances of the brush and then paste them all after each "stroke" is finished.

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