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  • Hi all - I'm looking into implementing AdMob banners in my app.

    I've added the Mobile Advert objet to my game plus set it to Test.

    That's all I've worked out how to do :-/

    Can anyone point me towards the best tutorial on how to get the adverts showing? Or can someone post a screengrab of their event sheet showing how they implemented it themselves?

    Cheers all

  • OK - so I've got the following:

    System > On Start of Layout > MobileAdvert > Create banner advert "TEST" size: Smart landscape show: true

    System > On Start of Layout > MobileAdvert > Show the current banner advert

    ...but this just creates a black screen when in Preview.

    What am I doing wrong?

  • I'm having the same issue my event is exactly like you post in here and the result is the same "black screen of death"

  • Can you post a screengrab of your event sheet so I can see if we’re implementing them in the same way?

    Also, is there anyone who has successfully implemented AdMob who can help here?

  • 1. [Avoid the Black Screen Issue] Make sure you are using the latest version of C3 OR use the latest Stable version


    If it's still not working, then when exporting DONT 'minify script'.

    2. Put in your App ID:


    Load or Load and display your advert:

    • I've added a 1 second delay as 'On Configuration Complete' action wasn't working for me.
    • The first ad is an Interstitial Advert (Fullscreen). Only loaded, not shown. I show it later when I want to. This way there is no loading lag in displaying it
    • The second is a reward video. For some reasons it looks just like the Interstitial Advert line. Same, load only, and show when I need to.
    • The third is the bottom banner. Loads it and displays it.
  • Great - thanks Jagoman

    To get the advert to show I've also added:

    System > On start of layout > MobileAdvert > Show the current banner advert this correct?

    Also, do I need to add any specific code the config.xml or index.html etc? as I've just tried to put it through PhoneGap build and it failed.


  • Im still getting a black screen I already did what you told and still same result.

  • Ihvan020 - how are you previewing it?

  • I think this is only needed if you chose to not show the banner when you first loaded it, or if you've hidden it after, and want to show it again without loading again:

    "System > On start of layout > MobileAdvert > Show the current banner advert"

    I don't deal with PhoneGap. I just use the inbuilt Cordova export to an Unsigned APK. No need to touch config.xml or index.html.

    As for the Black screen issue. I can't see why it won't work on the latest Chrome with r71. Either just be sure you are definitely using r71, or try in Firefox ... otherwise I'm not sure.

  • Bootfit I'm using my phone to test but still got the black screen issue.

    jagoman I already tried everything update my chrome try it on mozilla use latest C3 version not minify the script and still got this annoying blackscreen and after waiting for 6months for this plugin still got some issues with this.

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  • OK - this is still bugging out for me - no banners are appearing in local preview mode, plus when I include the MobileAdvert object in my project the project then fails to build in PhoneGap.

    PhoneGap build issue aside, how do I get the banners to display in my local version, so I know I've at least got that portion of the build right.

    Currently I have a logo splash layout that (theoretically) initially loads the banners for the rest of the app, but is set to display: false -

    Then on the following layout where I want the banners to display I have the following:

    Also, the MobileAdvert object has the app ID set to the banner ad ID - is this correct? :

  • Have you try it to your phone?

  • ihvan020 - Yep - I've tried it on my desktop Mac and my iPhone.

    When previewing it on my desktop Mac it just hangs on a black screen.

    On my iPhone - when I try remote preview it hangs on this screen:

    When I try and build it via PhoneGap to install the .ipa on my iPhone, the build fails when the MobileAdvert object is included, but builds fine when it's removed. The mods at PhoneGap were going to look into the PhoneGap build issues but there's no documentation with the MobileAdvert object plugin:

    So essentially the Admob/MobileAdvert object fails on Mac and iPhone, both in preview and in PhoneGap.

    Anyone else having this issue?

  • Hi there, could you please post a bug report on our github tracker for this.

    I've tried a basic example here and have had no problems running it, but there isn't a clear reproduction in this thread for me to follow. Incidentally, it's not expected to produce a banner when using preview because it only works when packaged as an Android / iOS application.

  • OK - I've posted a bug report here:

    When you say a banner can't be viewed when previewed - I can't even get that far - it hangs when starting Preview when MobileAdvert object is present. And I can't see if it works when packaged/built as PhoneGap Build can't build it when MobileAdvert object is present.

    Anyway, have a look at the bug report.

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